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How to Say Things With Numbers (draft 2023)

Hilbert's Program, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, forthcoming

Weak Arithmetics & the Bar Rule, Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 2018

Satisfiability & Sudoku (draft 2014)

The Structure & Limits of Finitism, Dissertation, Stanford University, 2014

Carnap's 1934 Objections to Wittgenstein's Say/Show Distinction, Erkenntnis, 2012

The Last Collapse? An Essay Review of Hilary Putnam, Philosophy of Science, 2004

Essays on the History of the Philosophy of Mathematics, Introduction & Editor, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, 2004

I'm a mathematical logician & philosopher currently teaching mathematics at a private school in San Francisco. My research is in mathematical logic, proof theory & the philosophy of mathematics as well as epistemology & the history of mathematics & analytic philosophy. I received my Ph.D. from Stanford in Philosophy in 2014 with a concentration in logic & proof theory. My dissertation showed that there is yet mathematical support for the original epistemic interpretation of Hilbert's Program in the post-Gödelian world. (Say that 3x fast!)

I like to write on Carnap & Hilbert & syntax & arithmetic and I'm passionate about teaching combinatorics, geometry, epistemology, logic & generally spreading the joys of thought onto everything including cabbages, kings, numbers, duties, possibilities, finger snaps, aesthetic experience and death (pace Wilfrid Sellars).

I had a side hustle in goldsmithing here & a side hustle in marketing here, both of which I worked on since 2011 with my partner Marie & with whom I have a lovely 8 year old boy named Anaximander.

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